Freemove 125ml recoverub jar
FreeMove muscle & joint recoverub 125ml

FreeMove muscle & joint recoverub 125ml

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FreeMove Muscle Recovery MASSAGE RUB creams contain an exclusive blend of many natural premium botanical extracts & essential oils, that are known to effectively help ease aches and pains and provide you with the best opportunity to repair, recover and perform at your best. It is specifically developed for professional athletes, sports and active people.

It penetrates deep into muscles to help provide relief from pain and inflammation, it can be used for: Muscle recovery | Muscle sprains strains | Bumps & bruises | Arthritic joints | Sports injuries | Fatigued & sore muscles.

Proper recovery and care of muscles and tendons helps you to: Improve muscle elasticity & contractibility | Sooth & ease pain to relax the muscle | Removal of waste materials from the muscle | Improved circulation | Perform better | Recover faster.

Safe to use with Knee Braces, Ice Packs, Arthritis Gloves, Heating Pads, etc.    Formulated in South Africa with, Glucosamine, Shea Butter, Arnica, MSM (DMSO2).    Vanishing scent / Non-sticky / Non-greasy / Non-staining / Paraben-free / Vegan / No animal testing.   No burning...No freezing...Just warming a targeted soothing benefits directly to the affected area(s).