FreeMove arnica oil 400ml spray

FreeMove Arnica H20 (wate soluble) massage oil 400ml spray

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Arnica is used to sooth muscle aches, reduce inflammation and heal wounds. It is commonly used for injuries such as sprains and bruises.

Water dispersible oils are popular because they not only increase the life of towels considerably, but also reduce the possibility of towels catching fire in the dryer. Benefits are:

  • Multiple therapeutic applications, as massage oil and muscle soak in bath
  • Blends well with essential oils and dissolves in water
  • Washes out of towels and sheets, thus minimising the risk of fire and increasing the life of the sheets and towels.
  • Water based oils washes off in the shower after the massage without using soap and prevents staining of clothes.
Cautioning: FreeMove Recovery Arnica H2Oil behaves well on 100% cotton towels and sheets. Warm water wash is always advised.