OhSoBright Stain remover 150g

Oh So Bright Stain And Away 150g

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This product has been designed and tested to remove the toughest stains. Simply wet the stain thoroughly, apply Stain Away directly onto the stain, rub it thoroughly into the stain and leave for 20 minutes. Wash your garnet in detergent. For best results use OhSoBright premium detergent paste. How does it work? The surfactant chemicals and active ingredients start dissolving and stripping the dirt from the stain... just like magic. Special molecules then deposit themselves onto and stain and absorb the stain molecules stripping out the stain. It's been tried and tested! As you wash the garnet in OhSoBright laundry paste, the stain molecules are rinsed and flushed from the garnet...removing the stain permanently.