Clean&Bright 5l Concentrated pine oil floor cleaner

Clean&Bright 5l Concentrated pine oil floor cleaner

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A multi-surface cleaner that contains real pine oil together with antibacterial ingredients. It cleans, sanitizes and deodorize all at the same time while stripping away grime from hard non porous surfaces.

Ideal for use on various Surfaces: Plastic, wood, fibreglass, chrome, stainless steel & more Floors: Glazed ceramic tile, no-wax and wood floors Kitchens: Counters, sinks, stoves, range hoods, walls Rest-rooms: Showers and tubs, tiles, toilets, urinals Tough jobs: Garbage cans, pet areas, dumpsters.

Directions for use:

General Cleaning:
Dilute 2 parts of liquid with 100 parts of water (100ml to 5 litres of hot or cold water) Use it to wash or mop the surface remove grime and disinfect the surface.

For tough jobs:
It can also be used directly on a surface, scrub vigorously and wait for 20 minute, wash and rinse Caution: Always use rubber gloves when applying directly to a surfaces.

Not recommended for use full strength on Copper or Aluminium. For painted surfaces test a small area first.