Skin Radiance - Moisture lock body cream
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Skin Radiance - Moisture lock body cream 350ml

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Give your skin the intensive nourishment it needs without leaving any greasy feeling with this amazing Moisture Lock Body Cream which has an effective yet fast-absorbing moisturize. It melts into the skin leaving your skin well-hydrated and touchably soft. Its our best formula yet to get deep nourishment without the hassle of a greasy feel.  

Skin Radiance Moisture lock body cream is one of our bestselling  products for our distributors. We have added some true African ingredients to further enhance product performance. Baobab oil has been used for centuries by African people as a premium skin treatment to heal and repair skin. In the mythology of many African nations the Baobab tree represents life, fertility and the keeper of the earth. The Baobab tree also only starts bearing fruit when it is 200 years old and grow to well over a 1000 years old. We have also added wild African Honey sourced directly from beekeepers in KwaZulu-Natal. All in all it is just a great product!!